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Direct flights to Manila, which is not Vanilla
Manila, the happening capital city of Philippines is the gateway to many beautiful and exciting destinations in the country. Lately, Manila has turned to be a modern metropolis that is swarming with huge population of mass speaking fluent English with swanky and glamorous outlook. The Manila today is very different and contemporary. It is, in fact, described as one of the lively and vivacious cities in Asia. However, Manila displays great diversity in terms of standard of living of people, prosperity and so on. This is a city where affluence co-exists with poverty. Nevertheless, the city embraces tourists with warm heart and makes you to fall in love with. Gradually, Manila is attracting a large number of tourists. With many direct flights to Manila, your longing to experience this city is not too far now. You can book cheap flights to Manila and plan your journey immediately.

Manila is the perfect base to explore various small and beautiful islands of Philippines and discover the various cultural treasures of the country. The fact that Manila is an exciting city is established further due to the presence of innumerable fascinating tourist attractions, amusement parks, theme parks, vibrant nightlife, lively markets and much more. This all makes Manila the buzzing city calling international tourists to be a part of their life and culture. You will find anything that you can imagine in the markets in Manila. They sell interesting goods at reasonable prices, which you can further bargain if you have the skills. The glitterati of Manila city is influenced greatly by western culture. The eclectic qualities and tourist attractions of the city are also not excluded. This gives Manila the look and feel of being a multicultural city. The architecture of the city is quite interesting and can be seen all across. Manila also boasts of many beautiful churches, cemeteries and shrines. Moreover, there are many historical landmark and museums in the city where you get to see and know the history and background of the country.

While in Manila, you just can’t miss the striking sunset at Manila Bay, which is counted as one of the most eye-catching sights. In fact, there never will be a dull moment during your stay in Manila. You will definitely love each and every day spent in this lovely city. This destination is waiting to be unveiled. So catch cheap flights to Manila to enjoy the memorable moments in Manila with family and friends. The city receives many direct flights to Manila to make it easy for tourists across globe to come and visit this splendid city.
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